James McKelvie

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James McKelvie
Born July 8th. 1894.
Broughton Ferry
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner
Joined CNCo service October 3rd. 1921
Left CNCo service November 5th 1928


October 3rd 1921. Joined C.N.Co. in London on Agreement, with his Masters SS Certificate issued on April 19th. 1920.

December 29th 1921. - October 9th. 1924. Employed as 2/O on the Kiungchow, Taikoo Wan Yi, Chinhua, Shuntien I, Tean, Kansu, Hunan I, Hanyang I, and Kweiyang II.

October 9th. 1924. - June 24th. 1927.. Promoted to Chief Officer, appointed as C/O on the following vessels:- Kansu, Szechuen II, Soochow II, Ninghai I, and Kaying.

June 24th. 1927. Procceded on Home Leave.

March 29th. 1928. Returned from Home leave and employed as C/O on the following vessels;- Chinkiang, Taming, Chenan I, Shuntien I, and Hsin Peking I.

November 5th. 1928. He was invalided out of service and returned to the U.K. when he failed to pass an eyesight test.


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