Percy James Maley

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Percy James Maley
Born December 10th. 1891.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Joined CNCo service August 6th. 1920.
Left CNCo service December 30th. 1934.


August 6th. 1920. Joined China Navigation Co. already in possession of his 1st Mates Certificate of Competency. Sailing as required on various vessels, as 2nd. Mate and 1st. Mate.

May 20th 1921. Promoted to 1st. Mate.

March 17th. 1923. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency. Sailed as 1st. Mate / Master on various vessels as required.

November 10th. 1925 to August 12th. 1926. Proceeded on Home leave. On his return from leave employed on various vessels as 1st. Mate / Master as required. After September 1927, he was Master on all vessels to which he was appointed, being the Hupeh I, Taming, Chekiang I and Wanhsien.

July 26th. 1931. to May 3rd. 1932. Proceeded on Home Leave. On return from leave sailed on the Wanhsien, Ngankin, Wenchow II, Ninghai I, Linan, Nanning II.

Between September 20th 1933 and November 27th 1933, suffered from sickness necessitating short periods in hospital, returning to duty as Master of the Wanhsien, Chengtu I and Nanchang II.

December 30th. 1934. Resigned at Shanghai.


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