William (Bill) Orr

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William Orr
Born August 8th. 1900
Langside, Glasgow.
Died December 24th. 1940
Refer sinking of Shuntien II
Nationality British
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Spouse(s) J.V.Orr
Parents C.W.Orr (Mother)
Joined CNCo service November 3rd. 1922.


November 3rd. 1922. Joined the China Navigation Co. Sailed on various steam ships as 3/E, obtaining his 2nd Class certificate of Competency (steam) No. 4288 in Hong Kong on July 30th. 1924. Appointed 3/E on the Whangpu. Hsin Peking I, and Kanchow

January 12th 1925. Promoted to 2nd Engineer. Served on Chungking II, Newchwang II, Hsin Peking I, Luen Yi, Szechuen II, and Sunning.

November 15th. 1926. Pirates attacked the Sunning. W.Orr received a letter of thanks and appreciation for his courageous conduct on this occasion. He then sailed as 2/E on the Kiangsu and Kwangchow prior to going on home leave on December 24th.1927.

October 26th. 1928. On return from Home Leave employed as 2/E on the Chenan I, Kingyuan, Fatshan I, Kwangtung I, Anking I, and Kalgan II.

April 11th. 1932. Obtained his 1st.Class certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 4828 in Hong Kong, sailing 2/E and C/E on the Fatshan I.

January 2nd. 1933. Promoted to C/E, and employed as C/E for the rest of his career. Sailing on the following vessels;- Changchow, Kalgan II, Liangchow, Suiyang, Wulin, Tean. Shuntien II, Kiungchow.

April 9th 1940. Proceeded on Home Leave, returning on November 2nd. 1940. and appointed as C/E to the Suiyang, Kingyuan, and his final ship the Shuntien II. He died on August 23rd. 1941 as a result of enemy action.


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