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William Bell
Born November 14th. 1899.
Barrow in Furness.
Nationality British.
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Parents Father, W.Bell. residence;- Stanley Terrace Quarry Bay Hong Kong.
Joined CNCo service April 4th. 1921.


Previously served an apprenticeship with W. Denny, Dumbarton. April 4th 1921 Signed ship's articles as 5th. Engineer on the Kalgan II.

May 25th. 1921. When the Kalgan II arrived in Hong Kong, placed on Agreement with C.N.Co. Sailed as 3rd. Eng. on the Kalgan II, Kaifong, Kwangtung I, Kanchow and Kwangchow.

December 2nd 1922. Hospitalized in Hong Kong with a skin disease, then went on a short leave, obtaining his 2nd Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) on December 29th 1922.

December 31st 1922. Appointed 3rd.Eng. on the Kingyuan, then as 2nd Eng. on the Kweiyang II.

December 6th. 1924. Took a short leave in Hong Kong, obtaining his 1st Class Certificate of Competency on December 24th. 1924. The Government Marine Surveyor commenting that:- "Mr. Bell passed an exceptionally good examination in all subjects."

December 29th.1924. Sailed as 2nd.Eng. on the Kingyuan and then the new vessel Anhui II. Employed as required on the following vessels:- Tean as C.Eng., Anhui II as 2nd.Eng., Kalgan as C.Eng., Kiangsu as 2nd Eng. and as C.Eng., Huichow and Kweiyang II as 2nd Eng.. and Kwangchow as C. Eng.

December 13th. 1926.. Appointed Assistant Superintendent Engineer in Hong Kong. The pay being Chief Engineers sea going salary plus $HK6 a day allowance.

Proceeded on Home leave on March 3rd 1928. Returning to Hong Kong on December 6th. 1928, as Assistant Superintendent Engineer, Hong Kong.


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