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William David Adam
Born May 21st. 1923
Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW.
Died January 5th. 1977.
Nationality Australian
Occupation Superintendent Marine Engineer.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Spouse(s) Miss Drummond.
Joined CNCo service September 23rd. 1946.


Served a 5 year trade apprenticeship with the NSW Government Railway. Then employed by the Commonwealth Government Railway for 15 months, before returning to the N.S.W. Government Railway, for 9 months, spending approximately 4 months in the Diesel workshop.

September 23rd. 1946. Joined C.N.Co. on Agreement in Hong Kong.

Initially sailed as 5/E on the Yochow II, then as 3/E on the Shengking II, and Sinkiang II. Then as 4/E on the Whangpu. , Tsinan II, Pakhoi III, and Fengtien II.

April 1949. Obtained his 2nd Class Certificate of Competency (Motor) No. 5221, in Hong Kong, then sailed 2/E on the Sinkiang II, and Shansi II before standing by the Anshun II on September 28th 1950, currently being built by Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Co. and sailing with the ship as 2/E until going on leave on September 15th 1951.

1952. Whilst on leave in Sydney, obtained his part "A" of the 1st. Class Certificate in March 1952, and Part "B" 1st Class Certificate of Competency (Motor) No. 0158, issued at Sydney on June 10th. 1952.

August 18th. 1952. Returned from leave and appointed C/E of the Sinkiang II, Changsha III, Yochow II, 2/E (2 weeks) and C/E of the Anking II.

March 1954 - December 1954. Sailed as 3/E and acting 2/E on the Fengning obtaining steam time, prior to sitting for his steam endorsement on his Ist. Class Certificate of Competency which he obtained in Hong Kong on December 15th. 1954. Combined 1st. Class Steam and Motor Certificate No. 5354.

December 1954 - September 1955. Appointed C/E on the Hunan II and the Fengning.

September 1955 - October 1956.. Standing by the new building Chengtu II at Taikoo Dockyard, sailing as C/E from December 19th. 1955.

Proceeded on Home Leave in October 1956, returning from leave in June 1957, when he was appointed Acting Assistant Superintendent Engineer (Dockyard), the position being a member of Substantive Shore Staff in January 1958.

October 31st. 1959. He married Miss Drummond who worked in the Superintendent Engineers office.

During the next few years, employed in supervising numerous dockings in Japan and Hong Kong, also attending to the new buildings at various shipyards. Superintendent Engineer Murie, reported that W.D.Adam was an extremely sound and reliable engineer with a quiet approach to is duties, and that there was never a question as to his technical abilities. In January 1962 while on leave in Australia, on hearing of the breakdown which occurred to the Taiyuan III, he immediately joined the ship and stayed with it until the repairs were carried out, and sea trials completed.

September 4th.1967., Appointed Superintendent Engineer.

October 1968 - December 1968. Proceeded on sick leave when he underwent corrective surgery (in Sydney) for a blockage in the main artery of the right leg. On December 5th. 1968, he was appointed Superintendent Engineer - Technical manager.

November 1969. In Hospital suffering from bronchitis and hypertension.

March 1970 - June 1970. Hospitalised after suffering a mild heart attack.

April 1971. Appointed Technical Adviser - Project Development.

March 1973. Hospitalised for 4 weeks suffering from severe anaemia.

January 5th. 1977. Died.



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