William Lawrence Shinn

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William Lawrence Shinn
Born September 3rd. 1898
Died December 23rd/24th. 1941
Cause of death Shuntien II sunk after torpedo attack.
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner
Spouse(s) D.L.Shinn
Children 5
Joined CNCo service May 6th. 1920.


May 6th. 1920. Joined CNCo. on Agreement with 2nd Mate's Certificate. Employed as 2/M as required on the company's vessels.

December 7th. 1922. Obtained 1st. Mate's Certificate. Promoted Chief Officer on April 21st 1923.

April 3rd. 1926 until December 27th 1926. On home leave.

September 24th. 1927. Obtained his Master's certificate No. 4619 in Hong Kong. Promoted Master on November 17th 1928, being then employed as Master for the rest of his service with CNCo.

On return from leave he sailed as Master on the Changsha II, Kwangtung I, Chinhua, Chungking II, Tatung I, Shengking I, Wenchow II, Wusueh, Wantung, Woosung II, Wenchow II, and Kiating.

'June 5th. 1932. Proceeded on Home leave, returning on January 11th 1933. Employed on numerous vessels as Master including the Ngankin, Wusueh, Wulin, Wantung, and Whangpu..

October 19th 1937, proceeded on Home leave, returning on June 20th 1938. Sailed as Master on the Taiyuan II, Shantung II, Wantung, and his final vessel Shuntien II, which was sunk by enemy action.


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