William MacKenzie Christie

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William MacKenzie Christie
Born April 14th. 1899.
Died 105 miles W.N.W. of Mauritius.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service October 20th.1921.


October 20th.1921. Joined C.N.Co. holding 2nd. Mate's Certificate of Competency. Employed as 2/M on various vessels, as required.

March 14th. 1924. Obtained 1st mate's Certificate of Competency in Hong Kong.

April 4th. 1924. Promoted to Chief Officer. Sailed as 1/M on various vessels as required.

June 28th. 1929. Obtained Masters Certificate of Competency S/S, No. 4714 in Hong Kong. Then sailed as C/O on the Kaying and Szechuen II.

May 21st. 1931. Promoted to Master, and sailed as Acting Master on the Yingchow and Ningpo I.

January 26th. 1932. From this time he sailed as Master on all vessels to which he was appointed. Fengtien I, and Siangtan, then proceeding on Home Leave on October 23rd. 1932.

August 1st. 1933. Returning from leave appointed to the Kueichow, Nanning II, Wanhsien, Wuhu III, Kiungchow, Ninghai I, and on November 15th. 1935 to the Chungking II after repairs had been carried out.

January 19th. 1936 - March 13th. 1936. Hospitalised and sick leave.

March 14th. 1936 - August 4th.1938. Appointed to the Chungking II, Kweiyang II, and Anhui II, before proceeding on Home leave.

May 12th. 1939. Returned from leave and appointed to the Hoihow II, and the Liangchow.

April 14th. 1942. - June 21st. 1942. Hospitalised for a hernia operation in Bombay, granted sick leave (53 days) and placed on reserve.

July 22nd 1942 Joined the Hunan II, then on January 6th. 1943 appointed to the Hoihow II.

July 2nd. 1943. The Hoihow II (refer to ship for details), torpedoed and sunk with large loss of life. W.M Christie died on a life raft later.


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