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George Wright.
Born March 31st. 1896.
Durham, England.
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service August 15th. 1925.
Left CNCo service October 15th. 1940


August 15th. 1923. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his S/S Masters Certificate of Competency, No. 009870. Employed as required on various vessels as 2nd. Mate and Ist. Mate, being promoted to 1st.Mate on August 22nd. 1925.

February 2nd. 1929. Proceeded on Home leave, returning to duty on November 7th. 1929. Sailing as 1st Mate on the Chenan I and Kalgan II, then as acting Master on the Kingyuan, as 1st Mate on the Anking I, Taiyuan II and as acting Master on the Ningpo I, Changchow II and Changsha II.

Between June 1st. 1933 and January 22nd. 1935. Employed as 1st Mate on the Wanhsien, Wuhu III, Sinkiang I, Nanning II (as Master), Shuntien I, Hunan II (as Master), Taiyuan II and Shengking II. Sailed as Master and 1st. Mate on the Kwangchow, and 1st Mate on the Wantung, proceeding on Home leave on January 22nd. 1935.

October 2nd 1935. Returning from leave, sailed as Master on the Tean, 1st Mate on the Wanhsien, Hsin Peking I and Shengking II, refer to Shengking II March 23rd 1936, link to read his description of the ice conditions in North China

December 3rd 1935. Promoted to Master, hence while frequently being employed on vessels as Ist. Mate he was on Masters salary. Sailed as 1st Mate on the Chungking II, Yunnan III, Tsinan II, Hoihow II Anhui II, Fatshan II, and Taiyuan II.

April 5th 1937. Sailed as Master on the Tatung II, Wanhsien, Kangting II, taking local leave from January 17th 1937, until March 9th 1939.

Retuning from local leave, sailed as Master on the Wantung, Nanchang II , Liangchow and Chengtu I.

October 15th. 1940. Resigned, leaving the China Navigation Company to join the Singapore Pilotage Board.


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