John L. Gamble

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John L. Gamble
Born John L. Gamble.
28 05 1894
Liverpool, England.
Died 02 07 1943
S.S. "Hoihow", 105 miles N.E. of Mauritius.
Cause of death Drowning
Nationality British.
Occupation Master mariner,
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service 26 01 1924


January 26th. 1924. Joined C.N.C. already holding his Masters Certificate No 001040, Promoted to Chief Officer on August 5th. 1925, and promoted to Master on September 17th. 1936.

From 1929 he was sailing as Master on the "Wantung", "Kiating", "Wanhsien", Wanliu I". Graham Torrible recalls in his book "Yangtse Reminisceces" that when he arrived in Ichang from Chunking, the agent asked him to take over the Wanhsien". On going aboard the "Wanhsien" he found John Gamble, who by this time was a veteran of the Gorges, sitting in his cabin, unable to speak, suffering from a nervous breakdown, who was then taken to hospital for treatment and eventually to the coast. At this time nervous breakdowns were becoming a regular feature among senior staff.

Upon return to service he served on the Kingyuan", "Soochow II", "Tsinan II", "Hupeh II", "Shan Tung", "Yingchow", "Kwangtung I", "Nanning II", "Hunan II", "Sinkiang I", "Woosung II", Changsha II", and "Hoihow II".

July 2nd 1943. Died when the "Hoihow II" was sunk after being struck by two torpedoes.


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