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Sister of the ship Woosung II

ID /IMO No. 115420
Gross Registered Tonnage 3,204 grt. 1,975 nett.
Builder Taikoo D.& E.Co. Yard No. 184.
Delivery date 1920.
Hull Steel, clincher construction.
Decks 2
Length 320.0 ft.
Width 46.0 ft.
Depth 22.0 ft.
Engine Builder Taiko D.& E.Co.
Engine Type Steam, 2 triple expansion.
Engine cylinders 3 per engine.
Engine Power Total, 171 nhp.
Propulsion mode Twin screw.
Speed 11 kts.
Power Steam.
Fuel Coal.
Propeller 2, right & left hand.
Propeller blades 4
Propeller formation Solid
Propeller material Bronze.
Original owner China Navigation Co.


1924. Extra passenger accommodation added aft of the bridge deck, by the Shanghai D.& E.Co.

December 13th.1941. Requisitioned by the Admiralty and was being converted, at Singapore, into a submarine depot ship for four submarines. However with the advance of the Japanese forces the work was abandoned in Jan. 1942. The vessel escaped from the invading forces and sailed to Batavia. Refer to Llewellyn Evans who was Master of the Whangpu during the early part of WW2.

February 2nd.1942 Sailed for Freemantle W.A. where she was used as an accommodation ship.

October 1st. 1943. Commissioned by the R.A.N. as "FY-03", sailed to Melbourne and fitted out as a mobile repair ship.

1944-1945. Operated in New Guinea waters, then as a repair/stores vessel at Moratai and around New Guinea.(T.P.N.G.)

February 1946. Sailed to Hong Kong and returned to C.N.Co.

April 1946. She was used as an accommodation ship until sold to Hong Kong ship breakers in November 1949. Broken up during 2nd. quarter 1949.


Built for the Yangtse river services.

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