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Alexander Harper
Born June 26th. 1911.
Ardrossan Ayrshire, Scotland.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Religion Church of Scotland
Joined CNCo service December 8th. 1948.
Left CNCo service February 21st. 1968.


December 8th. 1948. Joined C.N.Co. in Hong Kong, not on Agreement, with Ist. Mate's Certificate of competency No. 0148 issued in Calcutta on July 17th. 1934. Sailed as 3rd. Mate / 2nd. Mate as required on the following vessels:- Whangpu., Anhui II, Shansi II, Szechuen III, Nanchang II, Sinkiang II, Shengking II, Yochow II, Hunan II, Fatshan II and Pakhoi II.

February 9th. 1951. Sailed as C/O on the Fengtien II, being confirmed as Substantive C/O on November 11th. 1951, also sailed as C/O on the Hanyang II, and proceeded on Home leave on February 20th. 1953..

October 23rd. 1953. Returning from leave appointed as C/O on the Anshun II, Foochow III, Taiyuan III, and Poyang II, prior to obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 5364 issued in Hong Kong on April 25th. 1955. Then sailed as C/O on the Hunan II, Changsha III and Anshun II and as Master on the Hupeh II. Appointed Substantive Master on October 31st. 1957, and departed for Home Leave on November 20th. 1957..

May / June 1958. Attended the M.N. Defence & radar Observer Courses in London.

July `12th. 1958.. Returned from leave, and sailed as Master until retirement. Appointed to the Yochow II, Yunnan III, Hunan II, and Kwangtung II.

February 21st. 1960. Stood by the new building Kwangsi I at Taikoo Dockyard, sailing on her, then the Poyang II prior to Home leave on April 20th. 1962. Attending the R.O.C. and R.S.C courses when on leave.

January 3rd. 1963. Returning from leave, appointed to the Kweilin II, Anshun II, Szechuen III, and Kwangsi I, prior to Home Leave on April 29th. 1966.

November 26th, 1966. Returned from leave and sailed on the Kwangtung II, until February 12th. 1968, retiring to Majorca, on 21st February after 20 years with C.N.Co.

It was commented that while being an efficient Master, with an overbearing manner he tries to discipline his officers to an absurd extent causing an unhappy ship, which in turn resulted frequent requests for transfers by his Officers. He was nicknamed the "Colonel", as he was usually immaculately dressed and wore a monocle !!


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