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Brian Anthony Owen
Born February 20th 1932.
Died September 26th. 2008.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Spouse(s) Annie Chan Pao-tsing.
Joined CNCo service March 24th 1958.


March 24th.1958. Joined C.N.Co. on a 2 year agreement, with his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 78182 issued in London on September 24th. 1956. Apprenticeship served with various companies including Kentships and H. Hogarth.

Appointed as 2nd. Mate on the Fengtien II, and the Sinkiang II.

July 30th. 1959. On reserve and study leave in Hong Kong, obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 5597 on November 26th. 1959.

December 24th. 1959., Appointed 1st. Mate on the Funing I, being promoted to 1st. Mate on December 31st 1960, then the Chungking IV and Taiyuan III.

April 28th 1961. Proceeded on Home leave, returning from leave on November 25th 1961, then sailing as 1st Mate / Master on the Anshun II, Kweilin II, and Foochow III.

December 8th 1964. Proceeded on Home Leave.

July 8th. 1965. Returning from leave stood by the Yunnan IV as 1st Mate, sailing on her as 1st Mate then on September 17th as Master, Being promoted to Master on December 28th 1965. Sailed as Master on the Papuan Chief I, Wanliu III, and Yochow III, proceeding on Home Leave on May 4th. 1968.

November 25th. 1968. Returned from leave appointed Master on the Anshun II, and Kweichow I, proceeding on leave on July 27th 1971.

May 1972. Returned from leave, appointed Master on the Eredine, Kweichow I, and Kwangtung II

January 23rd. 1975. Proceeded on Home Leave.

June 30th. 1975. On return from leave he transferred to Swire Pacific Offshore and sailing as Master on the offshore supply vessels, until retirement in the mid 1980's


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