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David Wilson
Born October 9th. 1891.
Carnlough, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Occupation Master Mariner
Joined CNCo service November 2nd. 1921.
Left CNCo service October 13th. 1950.


November 2nd. 1921. Joined C.N.Co. with his Master's Certificate of Competency No. S.S. OO9084 issued at Tarne Harbour on September 24th.1919. Employed on numerous vessels as required as 2nd. Mate / 1st. Mate.

September 27th. 1924. Promoted to 1st. Mate.

October 13th 1927 Proceeded on Home leave, returning on July 19th 1928. Sailed as 1st. Mate on the Anhui II, Taiyuan II, Chusan.

February 28th. 1831. Promoted to Master, sailed as 1st.Mate on the Hsin Peking I and Taiyuan II.

April 14th. 1931. Appointed Master on the Wantung, Kintang, Kingyuan and Liangchow.

From this time until his retirement he sailed as Master on all vessels to which he was appointed.

April 6th 1932 Appointed to the Wanhsien, Fatshan I, Kweiyang II, Newchwang II, Tean, and Kalgan II.

January 15th. 1934.. Proceeded on Home Leave.

November 17th 1934. Returning from home leave appointed to the Yunnan III.

November 12. 1936 to November 26th. 1936 and December 5th. 1936 to December 24th 1936, was on short local leave in Hong Kong due to his wife's illness.

January 2nd 1937. Appointed to the Kingyuan, Chengtu I, Shengking II, Hunan II, Suiyang, and Yochow II, proceeding on Home Leave on December 4th. 1939.

February 14th. 1939. Starboard anchor lost when unmooring in Chefoo inner harbour. The cable parted, partially caused by excessive strain on the cable. The Master David Wilson warned.

March 12th `1939.. A collision occurred with lighter No. 132 "Tien Yih" in the Tientsin River, causing damage to "Yochow's" plating. The Master David Wilson held not to be at fault.

April 11th. 1939. during overhaul an inspection of the bottom plating, showed one plate was corrugated and neighbouring plates scored. The vessel had possibly grazed an obstruction on Taku bar. The Master held to be not at fault.

August 9th. 1940. Returning from Home leave, appointed to the Nanchang II and then to the Nanning II on August 24th 1940.

December 8th. 1941. Hong Kong. Taken Prisoner of War by the Japanese.

June 24th 1942. The Colonial Office informed U.K. gov't / C.N.Co. that he had been taken prisoner by the Japanese and was interned in Stanley Prison, Hong Kong.

November 11th. 1945. Proceeded on Home Leave and Internment Leave.

September 1946. Returned from leave, sailed as Master on the Hupeh II, Szechuen III, Sinkiang II, Pakhoi III, Anhui II and Yunnan III

April 14th. 1950. Proceeded on Home Leave, retiring on October 1950 after 29 years service.


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