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William Thomas Paul
Born August 5th. 1898.
Tynemouth, England.
Died July 16th. 1962.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Parents W.T.Paul - father.
Joined CNCo service May 26th. 1921.
Left CNCo service June 2nd 1945.


May 26th. 1921. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency. Employed as 3rd Mate/2nd Mate on numerous vessels as required.

November 13th. 1923. Obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No.4191 in Hong Kong. Promoted to 1st.Mate (Chief Officer) on November 14th. 1923. Employed on various vessels as 1st. Mate / relieving Master as required.

August 20th. 1926 to July 18th 1927. on Home Leave.

March 7th. 1930. Promoted to Master. Sailed as Master on the Sinkiang, Szechuen II, Yunnan II, Changsha II, Luchow, Wenchow II, and Wanhsien, proceeding on Home Leave on September 13th 1932.

June 13th. 1933. Returned from leave, appointed to the Nanchang II after the piracy staying on the vessel for 14 months, then sailed on the Sunning, Chengtu II, and Tatung I.

November 16th. 1934. to December 15th. 1934. On sick leave, including being hospitalised for a fortnight. Appointed Master on the Changsha II, Nanning II, Szechuen II, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, and Shuntien I.

July 5th. 1938. Proceeded on Home Leave.

July 7th. 1939. Returned from leave. Appointed to the Kiangsu, Wuchang II, and Kanchow. On two weeks sick leave from December 2nd. 1939, returning to Fatshan II and Wuchang I.

July 13th. 1940. Appointed to the Suiyang, and stayed as Master on her until proceeding on home leave on September 3rd. 1944. His name, along with the 1st Mate Neil McMillan was published in the London Gazette November 23rd. 1943. for Commendation for Good Services during the convoy MKS025.

June 2nd. 1945. While on leave resigned from C.N.Co. due to ill health. He was suffering from heart problems which would have rendered him unsuitable to carry out his duties.


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