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Bruce McLennan
Born January 17th. 1906.
Montrose, Scotland.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Religion Church of Scotland.
Spouse(s) Marjory McLennan.
Joined CNCo service June 27th. 1937.
Left CNCo service July 1st 1966.


June 27th. 1937. Joined C.N.Co. on Agreement in possession of his Master's Certificate of Competency No.32902 issued in Montrose on August 9th. 1932., arriving in Hong Kong as passenger on the S.S. Ranchi.

On arrival appointed to the Kintang as 3rd. Mate.

July 1st. 1937. Sailed as 2nd Mate on the following vessels:- Kintang, Suiyang, Anshun I, Shantung II, Kwangtung I.

December 12th. 1938. Admitted to hospital in Shanghai, returning to duty on January 1st. 1939, sailing as 2/M on the Yunnan I, Wuhu III, Szechuen II, Kweiyang II, returning to hospital on May 5th. 1940.

May 23rd. 1940. Discharged from hospital, returning to duty as 2/M on the following vessels:- Wusueh, Wan Yuan, Shuntien II, Kweiyang II, Wulin, Tsinan II, Shuntien II, Chungking II as acting 1/M.

September 23rd. 1941. Admitted to hospital in Shanghai for an appendicectomy, returning to the Wantung as 2/M, on October 27th. 1941, then on the Kanchow as 1/M.

December 2nd. 1941. Captured by the Japanese Forces.

June 4th 1942. Reported as Prisoner of War in Hong Kong, Reported by the International Red Cross as being interned at Stanley Prison Hong Kong June 29th. 1942.

September 3rd. 1942. Officially reported as interned.

November 11th. 1945. Proceeded on Home leave after being released from Stanley Prison.

July 26th. 1946. Returning from leave, sailed on the Wuchang II as 2/M, Tsinan II as 2/M, and Hunan II as 1/M.

December 29th. 1946 - to November 28th. 1948.. Overseer at Taku Bar, being promoted to 1st. Mate on January 7th. 1948.

December 20th. 1948. Proceeded on Home Leave.

May 1949. Leave interrupted as he returned "fill in" on the Changsha III , returning to the U.K. on July 13th 1949 to continue his leave. October 17th. 1949. Appointed to the Taiyuan III as 2/M and then 1/M, as 1/M on the Soochow III, and Shengking II.

March 18th. 1952. On special duties assisting the Marine Superintendent in the Hong Kong office.

February 9th. 1953. Returning to sea appointed as 1/M then Master on the Yochow II, then the Yunnan III as 1/M, as Master on the Hunan III prior to proceeding on Home Leave on March 29th. 1954.

January 10th. 1955. Returned from Home Leave, placed on reserve.

January 27th. 1955. Appointed as 1/M on the Yochow II, then Master on the Poyang II, Szechuen III and then the Fukien.

June 6th. 1956.. Confirmed Substantive Master, being appointed as required on the Fengtien II, Chekiang II, Fengtien II, Hanyang II, and Anking II, proceeding on Home Leave on September 3rd. 1958.

May 23rd. 1960 On returning from Home Leave, sailed as Master on the following vessels:- Fukien, Chefoo II and Anking II.

November 18th. 1960. Hong Kong. On sick leave being admitted to hospital suffering from gastric ulcers. Passed fit for duty on January 26th. 1961, and placed on reserve.

February 8th 1961.. Returned to service sailing as Master on the following vessels:- Kwangsi I, Szechuen III, Taiyuan III, and 11 months on the Kuala Lumpur when he was complimented by the "Office" on the way he tackled matters on the vessel.

March 30th. 1963. Proceeded on Home leave.

October 11th. 1963. Sailed on the Kweichow I, Szechuen III, Fengning, Kweilin II. Anking II and Kuala Lumpur, retiring on July 1st. 1966.

Hong Kong, June 30th. 1966. On the occasion of his retirement, he was presented with a silver salver.


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