Clifford Johnson

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Clifford Johnson
Born June 26th.1903
Nationality British.
Joined CNCo service February 4th. 1929
Left CNCo service March 23rd. 1946


February 4th, 1929. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Yingchow, Shuntien II, Ningpo I, Hupeh I, and Suiyang.

November 6th 1930. On a short leave in Hong Kong obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 4779 on November 21st. 1930.

November 28th. 1930. Returned to sea as 2nd. Mate and relieving 1st. Mate on the Huichow, then 2nd. Mate on the Tungchow I, relieving 1st. Mate on the Whangpu., 2nd Mate on the Sunning and Shengking II.

March 31st. 1932. Sailed as 1st. Mate on the Wantung, relieving Master on the Kintang (9 days), then 1st. Mate on the Wantung, Wanhsien, Wantung, Kiating and Nanchang II - refer for details of the piracy. After release by the pirates after 5 months in captivity, he proceeded on Home leave on September 30th. 1933.

June 27th. 1934. returning from leave sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Liangchow for one week, then as 1st. Mate on the following vessels at various periods:- Kintang, Wusueh, Kangting II, Wanhsien, Wulin, Fatshan II and Sinkiang I.

November 30th. 1939. Proceeded on Home Leave.

July 14th. 1940. Returning from leave sailed as 1st. Mate on the Wuchang II, and the Kweiyang II from July 19th 1940 until February 5th 1945, when appointed relieving Master of the Kweiyang II, for 3 weeks.

June 14th, 1945 On reserve, proceeding on Home Leave on June 24th. 1945.

March 23rd. 1946. Whilst on leave, resigned from C.N.Co.


The book "Pirate Junk", written by Clifford Johnston, describes the five months captivity by the Manchurian Bandits