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Ernest Bruce
Born May 26th. 1905.
Fraserburgh, Scotland.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Denomination Presbyterian.
Joined CNCo service November 7th. 1929.
Left CNCo service May 4th. 1961.


November 11th. 1929. Arrived at Hong Hong on Agreement, holding 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 26056, issued on June 29th. 1929. Employed as 3/M on the Anhui II.

April 26th. 1930. Employed as 2/M on the Fatshan I, Linan, Shuntien I, Hsin Peking I, Szechuen II, Luchow, Kanchow, Huichow, and Taiyuan II.

October 3rd. 1932.. Granted short leave in Hong Kong during which he obtained his Masters Certificate of Competency No. 4856. on November 11th. 1932. Then sailed on the Soochow II, Tungchow I, as 2/M.

March 3rd. 1933. Promoted to C/O and sailed on the Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, and Wanhsien.

April 3rd. 1933. Appointed C/O on the Nanchang II, after the pirates had left the ship with their hostages, then sailed as C/O on the Wanhsien, Wusueh, Wantung, Soochow II, Kueichow, Huichow, Kintang and Yingchow, going on Home leave on February 19th 1935.

November 18th. 1935. Returning from leave. appointed C/O on the Ninghai I, Nanning II, Kiangsu, Liangchow, Hoihow II, Kwangtung I, Fatshan II, and Kweiyang II, proceeding on Home leave on August 10th 1940.

March 6th, 1941. Returned from leave he sailed as C/O and relieving Master on the Hupeh II until January 15th 1945, apart from short periods as C/O on the Liangchow, Newchwang II and the Tsinan II, before proceeding on Home Leave on April 24th. 1946.

February 24th 1947. returned from leave and sailed as C/O on the Shansi II until August 28th 1949 when he stood by, as C/O, of the new building Taiyuan III at Scotts Dockyard in Greenock.

May 25th 1950. At last finally moved up the seniority list and appointed Master on the Soochow III after 21 years with C.N.Co. Then sailed on the Yunnan III, prior to taking Home Leave on May 29th.1951.

February 18th. 1951. Returned from leave and appointed Master on the Fengning, Changsha III and the Shansi II (Nov. 1952 - February 1956) when he proceeded on Home leave.

1955. Received Brisbane pilotage exemption.

December 1956. Returned from leave and sailed as Master on the Changsha III, Hanyang II, and Taiyuan III.

April 1961. Appointed Fleet Commodore.

May 5th. 1961. Presented with a Silver Salver by C.N.Co. on his retirement in recognition of his 31 years service.


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