Reginald Harvey Fairley

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Reginald Harvey Fairley
Born April 9th. 1889.
Died November 27th. 1968.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner.
Joined CNCo service June 13th. 1913.
Left CNCo service May 28th. 1946.


June 13th. 1913. Joined C.N.Co. in possession of his 1st. Mate's Certificate of Competency, and employed on various vessels as 2nd Mate / 1st Mate as required, being promoted to 1st. Mate on August 14th.1919.

November 4th. 1922. Proceeded on Home leave, returning on July 31st 1923.

June 6th.1925 Obtained his Masters S/S Certificate of Competency No. 4390 in Hong Kong. Sailed as 1st. Mate or Master as required, being promoted to Master on May 30th. 1928.

October 25th. 1928 to July 20th 1929, on Home Leave, and sailed as Master for the rest of his career.

Sailed as Master on the Chinkiang, Chengtu I, Kanchow, Soochow II, Kiungchow, Sunning, Szechuen II, Wantung, Fengtien I, Wantung, Shuntien I, Tatung I, Whangpu., Wuchang II and Chinhua proceeding on Home leave on July 29th. 1934.

April 3rd. 1935. Returning from Home leave employed as Master on the Wantung, Changsha II, Huichow, Wuchang II, Wenchow II, Sinkiang I, Whangpu., and Wanliu II.

February 1939 Spent a month off duty on sick leave. Ruturned to duty, sailing on the Wantung, Kiungchow, prior to taking Home Leave.

September 21st. 1940. Returned from leave, however spent a month in hospital suffering from stomach trouble, prior to joining the Kaying. and was Master on her when the vessel was torpedoed and eventually foundered on March 18th. 1943.

March 19th. 1943. Placed on reserve until joining the Suiyang on July 13th. 1943, leaving her on October 8th 1943, prior to moving to the reserve in Mombassa.

November 19th. 1943. Joined the Hunan II, and then transferred to the Shantung II on November 7th. 1945.

November 26th 1945. Placed on reserve prior to proceeding on Home Leave.

May 28th. 1946 Resigned from C.N.Co. after 33 years service.

November 27th. 1968. Died after a long illness.


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