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CNCo Master Seniority List of December 1949

The title of CNCo 'Commodore' is a purely ceremonial recognition given to the longest serving Master in the fleet. As the image here demonstrates it was possible to reach the number one spot on the seniority list and become 'Commodore' without having the longest service. Length of service as 'Master' was the determining factor.

A complete list of CNCo Commodores is not known. It is indeed possible that at the end of the 19th century there was a 'Commodore' for both river and coastal vessels. We may never know.

CNCo Commodores
Name Date
J E Williams to 15/8/1902
J K Clark 23/9/1943 to 4/12/1946
L Evans 4/12/1946 to 13/5/1949
C P Miller to 5/7/1952
J W Tinson to 9/5/1953
E H Histed 1953 - 10th April 1961
E Bruce 10th April 1961 - 4th May 1961
F Hindle 4th May 1961 to 14th March 1965
A Watson April 1965 to August 1965
J F Follett August 1965 to July 1968
V R Woolfe July 1968 to June 1969
R C W Gorman June 1969 to 6th June 1971
D A Hutchinson 6th June 1971 to 1981
J M Parker 1981 to 4/6/1985
F Cunningham to 1/4/1987
J R Kidd to 1989
M T Anderson 1989 to February 1990
C R Humphry February 1990 to May 1990
D R Groves 1990 to 1994
G A Drewery 1994 to 1997
O A Overland 1997 to 1999
P Barton 1999 to 2000
J S Macleod 2000 to 2003
H C Ratcliff 2003 to 2009
G P van Uden 2009 to Present