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John Francis O'Connor
Born March 11th. 1923.
Portsmouth. England.
Died May 8th. 2007.
Citizenship British.
Occupation Master mariner.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Denomination Church of England.
Spouse(s) Margaret Jean O'Connor.
Joined CNCo service December 5th. 1949.
Left CNCo service March 13th. 1978


December 5th. 1949. Joined China Navigation Co on Agreement, obtaining his Master's Certificate No. 62071, issued in London on December 19th 1949. travelling to Hong Kong by A. Holt's vessel Peleus.

February 12th. 1950. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Fatshan II, Fengtien II and Anking II.

February 25th. 1954. Appointed as 1st. Mate to the Yochow II and Funing I, being promoted to 1st. Mate on May 12th. 1954.

March 11th.1955. Proceeded on Home Leave.

January 11th. 1956. Returning from leave, sailed as 1st. Mate on the Yochow II, Anshun II, Taiyuan III, Hanyang II (as relieving Master for 2 weeks,) Taiyuan III, and Anshun II.

April 19th. 1958. Appointed Master of the Fengtien II, and on May 7th. 1958 became Substantive Master. From this time sailed as Master on all vessels, Funing I, Sinkiang II, and Fengning. granted a Pilotage Exemption Certificate for Port Moresby valid for six months from 12th. September 1958.

January 23rd. 1960. Proceeded on Home Leave.

August 9th. 1960. Returning from leave appointed to the Taiyuan III, Chungking IV, Soochow III, Changsha III, then taking leave in Australia from March 18th. to August 31st 1963 when he returned to the Changsha III as Master until June 16th.1966, then taking leave.

December 19th. 1966. Returning from leave appointed to the Tsingtao, Changsha III and Taiyuan III, going on Home Leave in August 18th. 1969.

November 1st. 1969. Transferred to the shore staff until February 28th. 1972. when he returned to sea on the New Guinea Chief (ex Kwangsi I) and Coral Chief I (ex Chekiang II).

March 3rd. 1974. Proceeded on Home Leave, returning on January 13th.1975, travelling to the U.S.A. to join the Erradale I.

February 14th 1976. Took leave in Sydney, returning on September 4th.1976 to take charge of the Sydney Office. After a short leave appointed to the Papuan Chief II.

March 13th. 1978. Retired after 29 years with C.N.Co.

May 8th. 2007. Died in Sydney. In recent years he suffered from dementia. He is remembered for his gentle charm, also his pithy and telling comments about the passengers.


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