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William Stuart Fraser
Born November 24th. 1896.
New Zealand.
Nationality New Zealander
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Home town Parnell, Auckland N.Z.
Joined CNCo service May 23rd. 1929.
Left CNCo service December 31st. 1948.


May 9th. 1929. Obtained his 2nd. Class Certificate of Competency (Steam), in Hong Kong No. 4706.

May 22nd. 1929. Engaged in Hong Kong by C.N.Co. in a temporary position. Not on Agreement. He had recently been ill for 9 months. Medical report indicated that his health was not very satisfactory. Appointed as 3rd. Engineer on the Suiyang, Chenan I, and Chekiang I.

April 18th. 1931. Promoted to 2nd. Engineer sailing on the Chekiang I, Liangchow and Fatshan I, as 3/E on the Sunning, and 2/E on the Yingchow.

November 20th. 1932.. Took a short leave in Hong Kong obtaining his 1st. Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 4860 on December 2nd 1932.

December 6th. 1932. Sailed as 2/E on the Fatshan I, Changchow II, and Whangpu.

September 9th. 1933. Admitted to hospital in Hangkow for 8 days, returning to sea on the Whangpu., Luchow, and Wanhsien.

May 7th. 1934. Admitted to hospital, returning to the Wanhsien on June 2nd. 1934.

June 12th. 1934. Proceeded on 9 months Home leave from Shanghai to New Zealand, travelling by the Changte.

March 21st 1935. Appointed 2/E on the Kweiyang II, and Taiyuan II.

December 29th. 1936. Relieving C/E on the Suiyang and the Chekiang I.

April 11th. 1937 Appointed to the Chengtu I as 2/E.

June 22nd. 1938. Travelled to Hankow where he joined the Wulin as 3rd. Engineer, being board on December 1st 1938 when the Wulin was attacked by pirates. he was then appointed to the Changsha II, Woosung II, Changsha II, Wusueh, Yochow II, Tug "Tai Koo" II, Anshun I and Chengtu I, finally going on Home leave to New Zealand on October 17th. 1940, travelling by the ship Neptuna.

May 2nd 1941. On returning from home leave appointed to the Chekiang I, Ninghai I, and then the Fatshan II on June 6th. 1941.

December 1941 Japanese forces seized the Fatshan II, at Canton, William Stuart Fraser being made a P.O.W. and interned in Canton. He was sent by the Japanese forces to Shanghai arriving there on May 20th. 1942.

August 4th. 1942. Left Shanghai for repatriation on the vessel "Tatuta Maru" for Larenco Marques arriving there on August 27th 1942. Proceeded on the "City of Paris" as a passenger to Bombay, in accordance with J.Swire & Sons instructions; sailing via Durban, Aden, Suez, Aden, arriving at Bombay on October 27th 1942 - alongside October 28th. 1942.

November 3rd 1942. Spent 3 weeks in Bombay hospital prior to being appointed to the Hunan II as an extra Second Engineer.

April 29th. 1943. On reserve, before joining the Kiungchow as 2/E, July 5th 1943. However he was in hospital again between July 21st an August 6th. before returning to the Kiungchow.

November 12th. 1944. Hospitalised again at Abadan.

July 21st 1945. In transit - hospital train to Australia.

December 31st 1948. Invalided from the services at New Zealand. Medical reports indicate that he will never be suitable for sea going employment in the East.


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