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Frank Hindle
Born March 1st. 1908
Barrow in Furness, UK.
Died March 14th. 1965.
"Soochow III" while berthing at Samarai, TPNG.
Cause of death Heart attack.
Resting place At sea near Samarai.
Nationality British.
Denomination Church of England.
Parents Father - Albert Hindle, "Harlaw",Brook St., Dalmuir, Glasgow.
Joined CNCo service July 3rd. 1930.


July 3rd. 1930. Joined CNCo on Agreement in Hong Kong, with 1st.Mates Certificate No. 27952 SS, obtained on March 6th. 1930. Seniority counting from July 3rd, 1930.

Employed on the following vessels as 2nd. Mate:- "Kalgan II", "Fatshan I", "Shantung II", "Wanliu I", "Wanhsien", "Wuhu III", Fengtien I", "Hsin Peking I". "Nanning II", "Chengtu I", "Shuntien II". "Taiyuan II", and "Kueichow", then took a short leave in Hong Kong when he obtained his Masters Certificate No 4901 on February 25th. 1934.

On returning to duty he sailed as 2nd. Mate on the following ships:- "Anhui II". "Tean", "Wanhsien", "Woosung II", "Newchwang II", "Shuntien I", "Hupeh II", "Kwangtung I", "Kiating", "Shuntien II", "Shantung", "Chekiang I", "Wantung", "Soochow II", and ", Hsin Peking I"

May 5th. 1935. Promoted to substantive Chief Officer and sailed as such on the "Hsin Peking I", until going on Home Leave on April 9th. 1936.

January 11th. 1937. Returned from leave and then sailed as C.O / 1st. Mate on the "Kiating", "Tatung II", "Kwangchow", "Kanchow", "Wuhu III", "Kiangsu", "Szechuen II", "Whangpu.", "Tatung II", "Shengking II", "Wusueh", "Kwangtung I", "Hanyang II", "Yochow II"- ( the "Yochow II from November 12th 1942 until November 8th. 1945 ), and the "Yunnan III". April 18th. 1947, proceeded on leave returning on January 23rd. 1948.

On return from leave he sailed as 1st. Mate on the "Fengtien II","Whangpu.", "Wusueh", "Tsinan II".

September 6th. 1950 appointed "On Turn Master", and "Substantive Master" on May 8th. 1953.

1955, Obtained the Brisbane Pilotage Exemption.

1957. Completed the Merchant Navy Defence and radar Observer Courses.

April 12th. 1950. At last he was appointed Master 16 years after obtaining his Master's Certificate, and sailed as Master on the "Soochow III", "Fengning", "Sinkiang II", "Shansi II", wirh short spells on the "Changsha III", and "Anking II". During this period he served on the NGAL service between East Australia and TPNG. and the BSIP., where he developed an excellent working relation with the local shipping agents. Frank proved to be an excellent navigator and his ship handling skills in berthing and unberthing, with the minimum of engine starts and use of the engine room telegraph, were second to none. It was said that "He could park a ship where others would have difficulty in parking a wheelbarrow."

May 5th 1961. Appointed Fleet Commodore.

Suffered a coronary inclusion in Rabaul, necessitating a short spell in Rabaul hospital, and a further stay in hospital on return to Sydney.

March 14th. 1965. Died while berthing at Samarai, refer to the Soochow III


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