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Harry Pilling
Born November 1st 1905.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Home town Glasgow.
Joined CNCo service July 16th. 1931.
Left CNCo service October 12th. 1961.


July 16th. 1931. Joined C.N.Co. on agreement, arriving in Hong Kong by P.& O ship Rajputana, already in possession of his Master's Certificate of Competency No. 29742, issued in Glasgow on October 27th. 1930.

July 16th. 1931. Sailed as 3/M on the Anking I.

February 12th. 1932.. Sailed as 2/M, and acting C/O as required, on the Chengtu I, Kalgan II, Chungking II, Nanning II, Ninghai I, Wanhsien, Suiyang, Luchow, Yingchow, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Shantung II, Wulin, Szechuen II, Huichow, Kaying and Kiangsu.

May 1936. sailed as C/O on the Newchwang II, Chengtu I and Wenchow II, going on Home Leave on August Ist.1936.

April 29th. 1937.. Returned from leave and promoted to Substantive C/O on May 3rd 1937., then employed as C/O on the following vessels:- Suiyang, Chekiang I, Tatung II, Nanning II, Tsinan II, Shantung II.

Took his Home Leave from August 1st. 1943. to February 1st. 1944. in Africa, declining the offer of returning from Mombasa to Bombay for a homeward passage to the U.K.

Returning from leave, sailed as C/O on the Shantung II, Hunan II, Poyang II, and Fatshan II, then proceeding on Home Leave on February 11th. 1949.. While on leave completed Browns Gyro course.

March 30th 1950. Returned from leave, (including 3 months sick leave), was C/O on the Anhui II when the ship struck a mine, then as C/O on the Fatshan II, then as Master on the Wusueh, Tsinan II, and Hunan II, when he was appointed "On Turn Master" (June 30th. 1951). Sailed as C/O on the Anshun II, Shengking II, Soochow III, and Yochow II.

January 2nd 1953. Appointed Substantive Master. Suffered from Insomnia and was in hospital and on sick leave for a month. Proceeded on Home Leave on April 13th. 1953.

November 7th 1953. Returned from leave , sailed as Master on the Funing I, Chungking II, Pakhoi III, and Hupeh II.

1954 Awarded M.B.E,

February 15th. 1958 Proceeded on Home Leave.

October 15th. 1958. Returned from leave, sailing as Master on the Fengning, Hunan II, Chengtu II, Chungking IV and Chengtu II.

October 12th. 1961. Retired after 30 years service. He retired to Fiji where he had previously bought some property on the coast. C.N.Co. providing his wife's passage from the U.K. to Fiji.


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