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John Frederick Follet
Born July 8th. 1905.
Liverpool England.
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Religion Church of England
Spouse(s) Nancy
Children 3, Born 1/6/1948, 1/10/1949, 11/4/1953.
Joined CNCo service July 5th.1932.
Left CNCo service July 2nd 1968.


July 5th. 1932. Joined C.N.Co. in Hong Kong, with his Masters Certificate of Competency No. 30561 issued in Southampton on January 6th. 1931. Sailed as 2/M on the Kanchow, Shuntien II, Yingchow, Tsinan II, Kiating, Chinhua, Fatshan II, Kweiyang II, Soochow II, and Kiating, then spending 6 weeks in Shanghai on special duties, i.e. assisting in the office. Returned to the Suiyang on August 8th. 1936 sailing as 2/M or 1/M - as required, until proceeding on Home leave on July 10th. 1937.

April 13th 1938 Promoted to Chief Officer, sailing on the Suiyang, and Tatung, then assisting in the Marine Superintendent's department for 8 months prior to returning to sea as Master on the Whangpu., Wulin . Wenchow II, Tatung II, Kingyuan, Wusueh, Chengtu I, Wanliu II and Kangting II.

September 27th. 1941 to March 5th 1944. sailed as Officer in Charge on the Kangting II, then placed on reserve in Calcutta, transferring to Bombay before joining the Kingyuan as C/O, on August 21st 1944. Finally going on Home Leave on September 25th. 1944.

May 1945.. Returning from leave sailed as C/O on the Kweiyang II, Chungking II, Poyang II, Soochow III, Hupeh II, Fatshan II, and Fukien.

March 12th. 1949 to April 4th 1950. Assistant to the Marine Superintendent in Hong Kong prior to going on Home leave.

November 1950. While on leave completed the Radar and Gyro courses, in Southampton.

February 13th. 1951. Returned from leave, sailed as C/O on the Shengking II. Shansi II, Fengning, Soochow III, Yochow II, Szechuen III, and Yunnan III.

December 14th 1953. Appointed "on Turn Master".

February 15th 1954. His first command was the Fengtien II, 22 years after joining C.N.Co. All further appointments being as Master, sailing on the Hanyang II, Szechuen III and Shengking II prior to his going on Home Leave on February 11th.1955.

March 19th 1955. Appointed Substantive Master. When on leave completed the Merchant Navy Defence Course, and Radar Observers Course in Southampton.

November 14th. 1955.. Returned from leave and sailed as Master on the Hunan II, Sinkiang II, Shansi II, obtaining his Brisbane Pilot exemption in September 1958, Taiyuan III, and Changsha III.

March 1st 1960 - October 31st 1960. Proceeded on Home Leave. On returning appointed to the Chungking IV, Chefoo II, ( Oct. 19th. 1961 During on a voyage from Osaka to Yokohama when the accommodation ladder - gangway had not been "turned in", serious damage occurred when struck by a heavy sea. Master reprimanded as the incident considered unseamanlike).Tsingtao, and Kwangtung II. Then proceeded on 3 months leave.

March 2nd. 1965. Returned from leave, commanding the Tsingtao, Soochow III and Woosung III, retiring after 36 years if service on July 2nd. 1968.


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