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Neil McMillan
Born February 10th. 1902
Nationality British
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer C.N.Co.
Denomination Church of Scotland
Joined CNCo service January 8th 1929
Left CNCo service October 10th 1955


January 8th. 1929. Joined C.N.Co. already in possession of his 1st Mates certificate of Competency, at Shanghai on Agreement, having travelled out by P.&.O.S.N. ship Morea. January 16th 1929. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Ningpo I, Kiungchow, Kiangsu, Antung, and Kaying.

December 10th 1930. Proceeded on leave in Hong Kong, obtaining his Master's Certificate of Competency, No. 4788 on December 22nd 1930.

December 22nd 1930. Sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Fatshan I, Hupeh I, Hsin Peking I, Whangpu., and Sinkiang I.

August 22nd 1931. Appointed as 2nd Mate / 1st Mate as required on the Shantung II. On May 9th. 1932, sailed as 2nd mate on the Fengtien I.

May 29th 1932. Promoted to 1st Mate and appointed to the following vessels;- Linan, Huichow, Whangpu., Changsha II, Wenchow II, Kanchow and Kiating, going on home leave on July 17th 1934.

March 11th 1935 Returned from Home Leave, appointed as 1st. Mate on the Wanhsien, Changsha II, Huichow, Hsin Peking I, Siushan (from 3/12/37 to 22/12/37, the vessel being under repair at Shanghai), Whangpu., Tug Tai Koo II (for 3 days), Siushan, Hsin Peking I, Wuchang II, Wantung, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Whangpu., Taiyuan II, and Tatung II, prior to proceeding on Home leave February 13th. 1940.

September 12th. 1940. Returning from Home leave appointed as assisting the Marine Superintendent in Shanghai, apart from short periods relieving as 1st. Mate on the Whangpu. Liangchow, and Shuntien.

May 3rd 1942. Sailed as 1st.Mate on the Kaying and after one months local leave, appointed as 1st.Mate on the Shantung, on July 4th. 1942.

August 13th. 1942. Appointed 1st mate of the Suiyang, sailing on her until February 19th 1944.

February 21st 1944. Joined the Hupeh II as 1st Mate until May 5th 1945, when proceeded on Home leave.

January 4th. 1946. Retuning from Leave sailed as 1st Mate on the Fukien, Wuchang II, Wusueh, Wuchang II, Yunnan III,, Tsinan II, Shengking II,(The Shengking II being on the run from China to Taiwan with refugees). Then on the Fukien, Hanyang II, Yochow II, and as Master on the Fatshan II, proceeding on Home leave on April 21st 1950.

May 8th. 1950. Promoted to Master, and from then sailing as Master on all vessels which he was appointed to.

February 20th. 1951. Returned from Home Leave, appointed to the Hupeh II, and Foochow III.

December 17th. 1951. Admitted to hospital after a knee injury.

April 1st 1952 Sailed on the Kweiyang II, Funing I, Yunnan III, and Poyang II.

February 19th. 1955. Admitted to hospital suffering from a mild attack angina pectoris, later suffering from coronary thrombosis.

June 6th. 1955. Went on Home leave on the Blue Funnel ship Pyrrhus. At the end of his leave (October 5th. 1955), due to his ill health he was invalided out of C.N.Co.


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