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Francis Nettleton Booth
Born March 6th. 1896
Nationality British.
Denomination Church of England
Spouse(s) Margaret Booth.
Parents Father - Cap't J Booth, 3 Cotleigh Rd., West Hampstead, London NW6.(in 1921)
Joined CNCo service December 8th. 1921.
Left CNCo service July 14th. 1956



December 8th. 1921. Joined C.N.Co. with Master's Certificate No. 009146, issued in London on April 11th. 1919. On joining C.N.Co. he would have been employed on various vessels as 2/M and 1/M as required.

June 23rd. 1924. Promoted to Chief Officer, (1/M). By 1928 he was sailing as 1/M or Master as required. From December 1928 being employed as 1/M or Master on the "Szechuen II", "Sunning", "Shantung II".

January 23rd. 1931. Promoted to Master. Employed on the following vessels:- "Soochow II", "Taming", "Sunning", "Newchwang II", "Wanhsien", "Fengtien I", "Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II" "Nanning II", "Chengtu I", "Tean", "Wusueh", "Huichow", and Wuhu III.

August 1939. On return from leave he commanded the "Nanchang". "Wusueh" , and "Kwangtung I" .

February 20th. 1941. "Kwangtung I" A fire broke out in the cross bunkers, which was capably extinguished by the Master and crew.

He was wounded during the destruction of the "Kwangtung I " by enemy action. After being rescued out of the sea was transferred to a hospital in Colombo where he spent 49 days recovering from his injuries.

May 16th.1942. Returned to duty as Master of the "Hoihow II". N.B. The Hoihow II was destroyed by enemy action on July 1st. 1943.

January 6th. to May 26th. On reserve and sick leave.

May 26th.1943. to July 24th. 1944. Master of the Shengking II.

June 29th.1944. The ship "Nellore" ID No. 1135325, owned by Eastern & Australian S.S.Co.Ltd. (Previously P.& O.S.N.Co.) was torpedoed, by I - 8, and sank, position 7.51S/75.20E while on a voyage from Bombay to Sydney with passengers and general cargo. The Shengking II, provided help in rescuing the survivors. The M.O.W.T. later wrote to thank the Master Francis N Booth and his Officers and crew for their assistance after the "Nellore" sank. See Image section for photo of the "Nellore".

July 24th. 1944 to March 23rd. 1945. He was on reserve and took accumulated leave.

On return from leave sailed as Master on the "Shengking II", "Yunnan II", "Shansi II", "Hanyang II", "Soochow III" and "Shengking II" , before going on Home Leave on May 8th. 1950.

1953. Received the Queen's Coronation Medal.

November 1955. completed The Radar Observers Course and the Merchant Navy Defense Course, in London.

Returning from leave he was appointed Master on the "Fengtien II", "Szechuen III", "Anshun II", "Yochow II", "Yunnan II", and "Changsha III" where he was Master from November 8th. 1952, apart from leave, until his Retirement in July 1956.

As Master of the "Changsha III", he proved to be excellent in the handling of the passengers, it being a happy ship and very well maintained. The ship building up a good name for itself and C.N.Co.

April 27th 1956. He tendered his resignation after the grounding of the "Changsha III". He was greatly affected by the shock, and also had family worries in recent months, suffering from nervous problems.

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