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Harold Stuart Beech
Born December 4th.1902.
Sunderland, England.
Nationality British.
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Joined CNCo service February 6th. 1925
Left CNCo service November 6th. 1965.


February 6th. 1925. Joined C.N.Co. on 3 years Agreement. No previous sea experience, holding advanced certificates from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Technical College. Completed 3 years special training in a Drawing Office.

February 6th 1925. Employed as 3rd Engineer on the Taikoo Wan Yi, Pakhoi II, Suiyang, Hsin Peking I, Liangchow, Sunning, Shantung II, Wenchow II, and Kanchow.

January 6th. 1927.. Granted a short local leave in Hong Kong obtaining his 2nd Class Engineers Certificate of Competency (Steam) No 4565 on January 14th. 1927.

January 15th. 1927. Joined the Kingyuan as 3rd Eng.

July 4th 1927. Ceased work by order of the Marine Engineers Guild, Hong Kong. For details see Images section below. All those who took part in the strike lost their seniority for the time they were on strike. Returned to the Kingyuan as 3rd Engineer on September 8th, then as 2nd Engineer on the Kingyuan, Kalgan, Kwangtung I, Wuchang II, Tatung I, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Hsin Peking I, and Chungking II.

May 5th 1930. Granted 9 months Home Leave, plus study leave, from Shanghai, travelling by the Trans Siberian Railway. During leave obtained his 1st, Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 70582, at Sunderland on November 17th. 1930.

May 21st.1931. On return from leave, appointed 2nd Engineer on the Luchow. and Chief Engineer on the Huichow.

September 23rd 1931. Promoted to Chief Engineer, sailing on the Wenchow II, Suiyang, Wuchang II, Shuntien I, Wanhsien, Chengtu I, Poyang I, Chinhua, Tean, then taking a months local leave.

December 23rd. 1935. employed on the Wanhsien and Liangchow, prior to going on Home Leave on May 31st 1936.

March 3rd. 1937. Returned from leave, sailed on the Wanhsien, Kangting II, Wuchang II, Nanning II, Fatshan II, Liangchow and Hupeh II.

December 22nd. 1942.. On reserve, prior to taking home leave on January 11th 1943.

July 19th. 1943 In transit to Bombay, sailing the Pakhoi III on January 9th 1944, Shantung on June 6th 1944, and Hunan II on November 7th.1945.

April 8th 1948. Proceeded on Home Leave.

January 18th 1949.. Returned from Home Leave, appointed to the Ninghai I, Fengtien II, Nanchang II, and Fatshan II.

September 30th 1950. Standing by the new building Funing I, signing the ships articles as Chief Engineer on November 20th 1950.

March 7th. 1953.. Proceeded on Home Leave.

November 9th 1953. On returning from leave , appointed to the Fengtien II, on May 21st 1955, joined the Hanyang II, until taking Home leave on August 17th 1962.

April 10th. 1963.. Returned from leave, appointed to the Pakhoi III, Funing I, and Foochow II.

November 6th 1965. Retired after 40 years service.


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