John William Hawkrigg

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John William Hawkrigg
Born October 10th 1902
Keswick, U.K.
Nationality British
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Joined CNCo service May 25th. 1931.
Left CNCo service Retired on February 10th. 1962.


May 25th. 1931. Joined C.N.Co. in Shanghai on Agreement, after a 5 year apprenticeship with Beardmores (Clyde), and 6 years at sea with various shipping companies, having obtained his Ist Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 70885 in Glasgow in January 1931.


May 1931 - October 1935.. Employed as 3rd. Eng. and occasional relieving 2nd. Eng. on the following vessels;- Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Wanhsien, Kwangtung I, Shansi II, Taiyuan II, Sinkiang I, Wuchang II, Chungking II, and Hoihow II, before proceeding on a weeks local leave when he obtained his Motor Endorsement to his 1st Class certificate of Competency, at Hong Kong on May 16th. 1935. He was then appointed 2/E on the following vessels:- Kwangtung II, Changsha II, Kintang, Wulin and Kiating, then proceededing on 9 months leave on May 26th. 1936.

February 22nd. 1937. On returning from leave he was appointed 2/E on the Taiyuan II, Wusueh, Kiating, Changsha II, Tatung, and the Shuntien II when the ship was sunk by enemy torpedo attack on December 23th 1941.

February 26th. 1942. After being rescued and having recuperated from the sinking of the Shuntien II, he was appointed 2/E on the Kingyuan which was then based in Calcutta, and then the Shengking II.

During WW2 many of C.N.Co. vessels were requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport, and based in India, were employed as supply vessels.

May 8th. 1943 - October 14th. 1943. On home leave.

Returning from Home Leave, placed as 2/E on reserve in Bombay and Calcutta. Appointed as required on the Shengking II, and Fatshan II.

October 12th. 1945. Appointed C/E on the Fatshan II, and held the position as C/E for the next 17 years, when he retired after 31 years of service.

December 13th. 1945 - January 10th 1946. On loan by C.N.Co. to Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Co.

Between January 10th. 1946 and May 19th 1947 sailed as C/E on the Fatshan II, Foochow II and Yunnan III.

May 19th. 1947. Taikoo Dockyard had purchased the 233 tons grt. Canadian flagged Steam engined tug "Rockcliffe", ID No. 43426, which was built in May 1945, by the Midland Shipbuilding Co., Midland, Ontario, Canada. Yard No. 18a. Taikoo Dockyard required a C/E for a couple of days, hence as the Yunnan was in port for a few days, it was arranged that John W Hawkrigg would assist the Dockyard. Subsequently Taikoo D & E Co. renamed the tug "Taikoo Cheong" in 1948, then "Taikoo Dock" in 1949. then later renamed it "Taikoo Shun O" in 1949.

From May 21st 1948, he served as C/E on the Yunnan III, Sinkiang III, and Pakhoi III, going on home leave on November 8th. 1948.

October 24th. 1949.. Standing by at Scotts Dockyard at the new building of the Anking II, sailing as C/E on the ship's maiden voyage.

December 19th 1950, Signed off the Anking II to travel to the U.K. where he stood by the building of the Changchow III at Scotts Dockyard in Greenock.

February 13th, 1951. Signed articles as C/E of the Changchow III and sailed on her until going on Home Leave on April 2nd 1953.

November 14th. 1953. Arrived in Sydney, for Melbourne where he joined the Changsha III as C/E on November 17th 1953, remaining as C/E until proceeding on Home Leave in January 1957. The four years on the Changsha III had not been easy for him due to a shortage of experienced engineers.

December 1958.. On returning from leave he was appointed as the permanent C/E on the "Taiyuan III" , until his retirement in January 1962. It was noted by both the Hong Kong and London office that he is an excellent engineer, and that they were extremely sorry to see him leave.

3rd. February 1962. Married Mrs. K. Robertson, previously purser on the Changsha III, and they both left Hong Kong for the U.K. on 11th. February 1962.

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