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Leslie Joseph Money
Born 21st March 1912
Died March 18, 2001(2001-03-18) (aged 88)
Occupation Master Mariner
Spouse(s) Lorraine J. Money.
Joined CNCo service April 4th. 1937.
Left CNCo service January 7th. 1948.


April 10th 1937. Joined C.N.Co. in Hong Kong, not on Agreement, in possesion of his 1st.Mate's Certificate of Competency issued in Hong Kong on April 9th. 1937. sailed as 2nd. mate on the Hupeh II, Fatshan II, Kiungchow, Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Shuntien II and Taiyuan II then taking a short,leave on August 30th. 1939.

September 11th. 1939. Returned from leave and appointed as 2nd. Mate to the Fatshan II, Shuntien II, Tatung II and Hunan II, prior to taking a short leave during which he obtained his Masters Certificate of Competency No. 5095 in Hong Kong on November 29th 1939. Then sailed as 2nd. Mate on the Tungchow II / Hsin Peking II, Yochow II and Kiangsu.

July 19th, 1940. to April 25th. 1941 Employed on Preventive Duty in Hong Kong on 2nd Mate's rate of pay. Then relieved as 1st. Mate on the Wuchang II and theKingyuan., then as 2nd. Mate on the Anking I, Kwangtung I and the Tsinan II as 2nd Mate / 1st Mate.

October 28th. 1941 Appointed to the Hunan II (as 2nd. Mate), Yingchow (as 1st. Mate), Hupeh II (as 2nd Mate).

June 1st. 1942. Promoted to 1st. Mate. sailing on the Shantung II - follow the link for a description of the encounter with a submarine.

July 7th. 1944 Proceeded to go on Home leave, travelling to Bombay, due to depart for the U.K. on August 11th 1944, however this was delayed, due to the Newchwang II being short of a 3rd Mate. Finally proceeding on leave on October 14th 1944.

April 20th. 1945. On returning from leave to Mombasa, placed on reserve until appointed as 1st. Mate to the Hunan II on May 10th. 1945. Proceeding on the balance of his Home Leave by the ship Collegian on April 28th 1946.

April 1st. 1947. Returning form leave sailed as 1st. Mate on the Wusueh, Whangpu., Poyang II and Nanchang II.

January 7th. 1948. Resigned from C.N.Co. in Hong Kong to take up a shore position with the Kowloon Godown Co.


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