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Alfred Cyril Osborne
Born August 22nd. 1924.
Hong Kong.
Died 11th. January 2015.
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Occupation Marine Engineer.
Employer China Navigation Co.
Spouse(s) Beth.
Children Raquel Jane,& Linda Anne.
Joined CNCo service October 12th. 1948.


December 2nd. 1940. Commenced his apprenticeship with Taikoo Dockyard, Hong Kong. However Hong Kong was invaded by the Japanese and his apprenticeship was terminated on December 18th 1941. Along with his family and others he was held at Stanley Prison for the duration of the war. After the cessation of hostilities, he continued his apprenticeship at Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd. Greenock, on October 1st 1946. Obtained S1 and S2 certificates in Mechanical Engineering at Paisley Technical College

October 12th. 1948. Joined C.N.Co. on Agreement. Sailing for Hong Kong by the "Benvrackie". on November 24th `1948. Refer photo in the Images section.

Sailed on the Szechuen III as 4/E, Fengtien II as 3/E, Pakhoi III (when the ship attacked by pirates), Fatshan II, Tsinan II, Fengtien II, Shengking II and Yochow II, then on November 8th 1951 proceeded on Home Leave, obtaining his 2nd Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 920551 on April 25th 1952. Taking special leave, he obtained Part A of his 1st Class Certificate in London on June 12th 1952.

July 29th. 1952. Returning from leave, promoted to 2/E, then sailed as 2nd Eng. on the Fengtien II, Poyang II, and Pakhoi III. Then proceeded to take a months special leave, prior to going on home leave on July 27th 1956.. Obtained his 1st Class Certificate of Competency (Steam) No. 101593 in London on May 10th 1957.

May 25th. 1957. Returning from leave, sailed as C/E on the Fukien.

January 1st 1958. Promoted to Chief Engineer. Sailed on the Fengning, Fukien, and Hanyang II.

October 24th. 1958. Joined the Chengtu II as 4th. Eng. in order to obtain diesel experience. Sailing as 4th. Eng until May 28th 1959.(still on C/E pay)

December 3rd. 1959. Obtained his Diesel endorsement for his 1st Class Certificate of Competency No. 0557 in Sydney.

June 20th 1959 Appointed to the Pakhoi III.

April 14th 1961. Proceeded on Home leave and special leave without pay.

January 15th. 1962. Returned to Hong Kong, Appointed to the Anking II, Soochow III, Pakhoi II, Anking II.

August 23rd. 1963. Joined the Taiyuan III. Apart from leave, attending a Fire Fighting course and a M.N.Defence Course, Cyril was the Chief Engineer on the Taiyuan III until taking Home Leave in August 1971. ( The Taiyuan III was sold in August 1972.)

March 28th. 1972. Appointed to the Kwangtung II, then the Coral Chief I (ex Chekiang II). Proceeded on local leave, Brisbane, in December 1973. From this time Cyril sailed as Chief Engineer on the following vessels:- Erisort, Eriskay I, New Guinea Chief II (ex Kwangsi I), Papuan Chief II, Nimos, and Eredine II, proceeding on leave when it became due, until his retirement On October 1979.

February 5th. 1980. Re-engaged as Chief Engineer, and appointed to the Erradale I, finally proceeding on retirement on September 12th 1980.

N.B. The photo of Bill Myers 2/E and Cyril Osborne C/E in the Images Section was taken on the Soochow III in December 1962.


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