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Bryan Gilbert Dixon Ward
Born August 16th. 1933
Tamworth in Arden, Warwick.
Died May 12th. 2005
Nationality British.
Occupation Master Mariner
Joined CNCo service March 1st. 1955.
Left CNCo service July 7th.1980.


He requested that he be always known as Dixon Ward.

Attended "Conway", also acted as an instructor for 5 weeks on T.S."Warspite". Served an apprenticeship with Holts, prior to sailing as 3rd. Mate with the North of England Steamship Company.

March 1st.1955.With excellent references from previous employers, joined CNCo. on Agreement, having obtained his 2nd. Mate's Certificate of Competency No. 74121 issued in Bristol on February 18th. 1955. Sailed as 3rd Mate on the Fukien, and Sinkiang II.

January 1957. Proceeded on Study leave, passing his 1st.Mate orals.

April 12th 1957. Admitted to hospital for treatment of Pilonidal sinus and cyst and skin grafts.

July 22nd. 1957. Returned to duty, sailing as 2nd Mate on the Soochow III, and S/3/Mate on the Changsha III prior to taking study leave in Hong Kong.

January 24th. 1958. Obtained his 1st Mate's Certificate of Competency in Hong Kong, then sailed as 1st. Mate on the Hunan II. Promoted to 1st Mate on June 1st 1958. Sailed as 1st. Mate on the Fengning and Hupeh II, before proceeding on home leave on March 13th 1959. While on leave obtained his Master's Certificate of Competency No 85739 issued on August 13th 1959, and attended the Merchant Navy Defence and the Radar Observers Courses.

March 1960., Returning from leave appointed as 1st. Mate on the Pakhoi III, Taiyuan III, and Szechuen III. Sailed as Master on the Fengning.

October 25th.1961. Standing by the recently purchased Tientsin III at Taikoo Dockyard as Master.

November 10th. 1961. Promoted to Master.

November 16th 1961 to February 27th. 1965. During this period he was Master on the Poyang II, (refer for a description of the turning spring) Kwangsi I, Sinkiang II, Pakhoi III and Fengning. Between appointments to the aforementioned vessels he was assigned to Special Duties, i.e. assisting the Marine Superintendent in the Hong Kong office, where he spent a total time of 23 months. During this time he was described as being an able person, being extremely knowledgeable on the more detailed aspects of a Master's responsibilities, adapting himself well to the office routine, his placid attitude enabling him to maintain a good relationship in his dealings with other departments.

February 27th. 1965. until July 8th 1965 On Home Leave.

On returning to duty appointed as Master on the Yunnan IV until September 17th 1965, when he proceeded to take the balance of his Home Leave.

February 19th. 1966 Returned from leave, appointed as Master on the following vessels:- Hunan III, Shansi II, Anshun II, Chefoo II and Tsingtao. Home leave and Local Leave being taken between appointment to the vessels.

August 1970. Incurred a stay in hospital for a hernia operation, then sailed as Master on the Taiwan II, Wenchow III, Wanliu III, Papuan Chief I, Island Chief II (ex Chefoo II), Sinkiang III and Eriskay I, then taking leave.

December 18th. 1973. On returning from leave, sailed as Master on the Papuan Chief I, Asian Exporter -- which was renamed Poyang III in 1975 --- Papuan Chief I, and Poyang III, proceeding Home Leave on October 24th.1975.

July 6th. 1976.. Returning from leave appointed as Master to the Soochow III, Island Chief (ex Chefoo II), Erradale I and Asian Pearl, proceeding on leave in September 1978.

November 1978. Returned from leave and sailed as Master on the Coral Chief II, apart from local leave until, his retirement on July 7th 1980.


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