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William John Bunney
Born August 2nd. 1908.
Sydney N.S.W. Australia.
Nationality Australian.
Occupation Master Mariner
Employer China Navigation Co.
Spouse(s) Janet Bunney
Joined CNCo service October 13th. 1934.


October 13th. 1934. Engaged at Hong Kong. Not on Agreement, in possession of his Masters Certificate No. 0201 issued in Sydney on August 14th. 1933.

Employed on the Szechuen II as 2/M, Kanchow as 2/M, Huichow as 2/M and 1/M, Chengtu as 2/M on the Fatshan II as 2/M, Anshun I as 2/M, Taiyuan II as 2/M, Nanning II as 2/M and theYunnan III as 2/M.

October 29th. 1937. until November 10th. 1937. Hospitalised in Tsingtao. Joined the Liangchow as 2/M, Kaying as 2/M, Shuntien II as 2/M, Nanning II as 2/MTatung II as 1/M & 2/M, Liangchow as 1/M, Taiyuan II as 1/M, Shuntien II as 2/M, Tatung as 2/M, Taiyuan II as 2/M, and Yunnan as 2/M.

April 23rd 1940. Proceeded on Home leave. Promoted to 1st Mate on August 16th 1940.

November 14th. 1940. Returning from leave, sailed as 1/M on the following vessels:- Ninghai I, Kanchow, Newchwang II, and Hupeh II.

July 28th. 1942. Admitted to hospital for 3 days, then on reserve until September 22nd. when posted to the Pakhoi III, until April 17th. 1943, when on reserve and local Leave, returning to duty on the Shengking II on May 26th. 1943.

July 3rd. 1943. In transit to Signapore and placed on Reserve.

July 14th. 1943. On loan to the Lim Kian Beng Co. for their vessel "Hong Peng" (ID 1123658) a hulk, that was eventually broken up in March 1947.

August 6th. 1943. Returned to C.N.Co. appointed to the Hupeh II as acting 2nd Mate and the Kweiyang II as acting 3rd. Mate. before proceeding on a short leave on July 16th 1944.

September 1st. 1944. Returning from leave appointed to the Kweiyang II as 1/M, proceeding on reserve on October 21st. 1944.

November 6th. 1944. Travelled by rail to Colombo (on ship's articles), joining the Shengking II as 1/M.

November 13th. 1945. Proceeded on Home Leave.

November 1st. 1946. Returning from leave appointed as 1st Mate to the Wusueh, Nanchang II, Tsinan II, Yunnan III and the Pakhoi III on December 11th. 1948, which was then undergoing refurbishing from war service in Sydney. Commended for excellent work and overhaul report during conversion of Pakhoi III at Taikoo Dock.

August 17th. 1949. Appointed 1st. Mate on the Changsha III.

December 16th. 1948. He rescued 5 Chinese seamen from a waterlogged boat when the Changsha III was off Chuenchow. For his actions he was Awarded the Bronze Medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea on September 9th.1950.

July 10th. 1950.. Appointed as 1st. Mate on the Soochow III, then Fatshan II, prior to home Leave on September 1st. 1950.

May 11th. 1951. Returning from Home Leave, appointed 1/M on the following vessels:- Changsha III, relieved 4/M on the Taiyuan III (for 3 weeks), as 1/M on the Chungking III, and Sinkiang II.

April 1953. Hospitalised in Sydney with an abscess, returning to duty as 1/M on the Sinkiang II Soochow III, Taiyuan III, and on April 26th. 1954 as Master on the Yochow II, then as Master on the Szechuen II, Fukien, and again on the Yochow II prior to taking Home Leave May 5th. 1955. Confirmed "on Turn Master' on July 7th 1955. During his leave attended the Merchant Navy Defence Course in London between July 18th. to 29th. 1955, and the Radar Observers Course in London between 14th and 25th. November 1955.

February 6th. 1956. On return from Home Leave appointed Master of the Shansi II, remaining Master until July 30th. 1957, apart from hospital treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst.

August 2nd 1957. to October 1958. Appointed Master of the Sinkiang II. The vessel being chartered by the British Phosphate Commissioners for the annual recruitment and return of labour in the Gilbert and Ellice islands for their operations on Nauru. On completion of the charter, The Phosphate Commissioners reported very favourably on his co-operation during the "Sinkiang's" charter.

October 27th. 1958. On reserve, returning as Master to the Sinkiang II, then as Master of the Shansi II prior to pr0ceeding on Home Leave on June 1st 1960.

February 20th.1961. Returning from Home Leave appointed Master of the Kweichow I, then on November 16th 1961 standing-by the newly purchased Tientsin III, sailing as Master from January 26th.1962, apart from being on sick leave, accrued leave or on reserve until his retirement on May 6th 1966. In consideration of W.J.Bunney's long service, C.N.C. granted him and his wife return air fares to the U.K., in addition to his other entitlements

February 17th. 1970. Re-joined C.N.Co. as a relief Master sailing on the:-

Chefoo II from February 17th. 1970, until March 14th. 1970.

Wenchow III from March 15th. 1970, until May 1st 1970.

Coral Princess from June 6th. 1970 until September 27th 1970.

Finally retiring on September 28th 1970.


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